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Where to start with Toilet Training?

Are you thinking about toilet training your little one?

Please know that if you are struggling with your little ones toilet training, you are absolutely not alone and NEST can help you!

“NEST have been a god send for us- they have been incredibly supportive helping us to tackle toilet training”

If you are starting to think about toilet training for 2022, here are some tips to get you started.

Please remember to follow the lead of your little one. Don’t feel pressured to have them toilet trained by a certain age ‘just because their peers are’.

  • Start changing their nappy in the bathroom/loo

  • Always wash hands together after every nappy change

  • After they have done a poo in their nappy, flush the poo down the loo and then wash hands together

  • Role model to your children using the loo

  • Encourage your little one to sit on the toilet before having a bath

  • Ensure they are wearing easy trousers which they can pull up and down themselves. Part of toilet training in ensuring that children can get themselves dressed and undressed when taking themselves to the loo!

Once your little one is confident with the tips above, then you could gradually start to introduce some more things to transition them to the loo:

  • Nappies are brilliant because they are so absorbent, but often a little too absorbent when trying to toilet train because children are not able to feel when they have been, as the nappy absorbs everything so well! By putting a square of kitchen roll folded in half inside their nappy, this will then help them to identify after they have been

  • Make the loo/bathroom attractive which encourages your little ones to want to use the loo. Having soap in the bathroom/loo which your little ones like, may be the magic trick to encourage them to use the loo!

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