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Transitioning Little One into their own room

  • A few weeks before you move your little one into their own room, start to put them in their own room for their naps during the day. If your little one is sleeping in a moses basket, we would encourage you to start by putting the moses basket in the cot for them to get used to the different environment

  • We would encourage you have a video monitor in your little ones room when you start introducing these transition naps. This gives you piece of mind that you are able to keep a close eye on them whilst following the safe sleep guidance

  • Spend time in the room together during the day whilst sorting out washing and their clothes etc. This will help you little one to become familiar with the space and therefore for it to become less daunting when you do transition them across

  • Make the room a positive place by playing in there together, spending time together in the room, allowing your little one to spend time in their cot and have a kick around whilst you are sorting things out, putting a mobile above the cot to entertain them, and also some cosy and calming decorations and prints on the walls

  • Please do remember to follow the safe sleep guidelines (see the Lullaby Trust) and ensure you are sleeping in the same room as your little one until they are 6 months

  • Continue with the bedtime routine you have. When it gets to bedtime, ensure you are using soft and gentle lighting in their room, the last thing you want is for it to be too stimulating!

  • Consistency with the bedtime routine is KEY…this will ensure successful bedtimes!

Written for Naturalmat Baby

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