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Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Have you got a little one starting school in September?

Donna, our specialist Early Years Teacher and Consultant, shares a handful of top tips for you to think about over the summer holidays: "If your child is starting school in September, you have most likely started prepping them for this very special next step. Here are some of the gentle ways I prepared my own daughter for steeping into her reception classroom:

  • Arrange play dates throughout the summer with new class mates forming a network for both you and your child

  • Encourage your child to be more independent and get involved and help with small tasks

  • Walk, scoot, ride or cycle your school route where possible or drive by regularly

  • Establish a good bedtime routine that works for your family

  • Engage in role play in your child's chosen theme to play out any worries they may have

  • Encourage sensory play like ice and frozen herbs to build vocabulary

  • Let your child 'read' or pretend to read to a younger audience

  • Help your child to build their name with magnetic letters or blocks- pay attention to capitals and lower case

  • If your child isn't ready to hold a pencil, encourage fine motor play such as: tap tap pins and hammers, threading and construction kits, chalk, mark making, writing, painting, sending postcards or letters giving them real motivation to write (at their own pace).

  • Practice using their new lunch box. Name the items together

  • Add badges, ribbons, key rings and names to equipment and prepare it each evening for the next day

On those first few days:

  • If you take a first day of school photo for social media, keep the name/badge of your child's school covered/anonymous

  • Celebrate their first day with a little treat when they get home from school. They will be tired!

  • At the end of the first week show your child how proud you are with a special date or treat- not as a bribe to used throughout the week, but as a suppose at the end!

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, enjoy a slow and joyful summer!

I am thinking of you all as you transition into this time of awe and wonder. Be kind to yourselves.

Donna x"

If you have further questions regarding getting your child ready for school, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

1:1 consultations with one of our highly qualified team are available virtually or face-to-face

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