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Newborn Essentials List

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Getting ready for your new arrival can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many things on the market and you could spend a fortune on everything.

We know at NEST that it really doesn't need to be like this! There are so many ways to keep costs low and a newborn baby really doesn't need much at all. We have put together a list of what we think you will need.Lots of companies do some great deals and sales so it is definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled for them. Also we would recommend buying things second hand too, you can really get some great bargains that are in great condition.

Things that we recommend to be an essential to buy new (for a safety aspect) are car seat and mattress.

The Nursery

● Cot

● Changing table with changing mat

● Moses basket and or a crib

● Hanging space and small hangers

● Baby monitor (we recommend a video monitor)

● Nursing chair (can be any comfortable chair but make sure you’re in a good upright position for feeding- you are likely to spend quite a bit of time here in the early weeks!)

Bath Time

  • Baby bath

  • Baby towels (the ones with a little hood are great but not essential)

  • Flannels x2

  • Coconut oil

  • Baby nail clippers/nail scissors

Baby clothes

  • Baby grows and vests (between 8-10)

  • Cardigans x2

  • Outdoor hat

  • Snow suit (for the winter months)


Please refer to the safe sleep guidelines by The Lullaby Trust.

  • Muslins x8

  • Large muslins (these are so great as they can be used for so many different things) x4

  • Swaddle bags

  • Sheets x4

  • Waterproof mattress protectors x2

  • Cellular blankets (2-4) Please follow the safe sleep guidelines from The Lullaby Trust when using blankets


  • Pram (make sure baby is lying flat until around 6 months)

  • Car seat

  • Rear view mirror for car

  • Sling (please seek advice to make sure this is fitted correctly and your back is being supported)

  • Nappy bag


  • Baby gym

  • Baby bouncer (check weight of baby)

  • Black and white cards for baby to look at

  • Mirror

  • Things for sensory play

Medical kit

  • Thermometer

  • Calpol (from eight weeks)

  • Vitamin D drops

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