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How to get your child's sleep back on track after the holidays

With the new school term approaching, are you wondering how to get your child's sleep back on track? If so we have some tips we we very much hope will get get you back into that school routine:

  • Put your child to bed 15 minutes earlier. Depending on how much later they are currently going to bed, do this every night or every few nights

  • At the same time as shifting bedtime, gradually shift the time they are waking up, also 15 minutes at a time

  • Repeat this pattern until they are falling asleep and waking up at the desired time

Help your child to feel ready for bed and sleepy by

  • Ensuring they are not having any screen time for at least an hour before they go to bed

  • Do calm things together before they go to bed such as; having a story, cuddle and chat about their day

  • Avoid sugary food and drink late in the day

  • Try and ensure that you keep a consistent routine each night

If you have further questions about getting your child back into a routine or starting the new school terms, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are passionate to ensure that you feel heard, supported and empowered.

We work together alongside you and offer advice and support which works for you and your little one.

1:1 consultations with one of our highly qualified team are available virtually or face-to-face

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