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Hospital Bag Essentials

Mummy To Be:

● Loose fitting nighty and pjs(button down the front are the best for skin to skin and breast feeding once baby is born)

● Dressing gown

● Flip flops and/or slippers

● Breastfeeding crop top/non structured bra

● High waisted pants

● Pack of disposable pants

● Maternity pads

● Breast pads

● Nipple cream

● Music/headphones

● Phone charger

● Book

● Ear plugs

● Snacks (home comforts as well as wholesome snacks too)

● Water bottle (one which is easy to drink out of)

● Own pillow/soft blanket

● Little fan (if the weather if hot)

● Toiletries (tooth brush/tooth paste, non scented soap, shampoo & conditioner, face wipes, deoderant, hair brush and hair ties)

● Comfortable going home outfit (loose fitting clothes)


● Nappies (x1 pack of size 1)

● Water wipes x1 packet

● Cotton wool balls

● Teddy if desired

● Muslins x5

● Large swaddle muslins x2

● Blanket x2

● Baby vests x4

● Baby sleep suits x4

● Soft cotton hats x2

● Mittens x2

● Baby socks x2 (these are useful if you baby has to have a cannula in as they can go over the top)

● Couple of ready to go formula (hip starter pack with disposable bottles)

● Cardigans x2

● Going home outfit

● Car seat

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