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Creating a positive sleep environment

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

So what exactly is a positive sleep environment?

A positive sleep environment refers to the bedroom your little one sleeps in and also their other nighttime surroundings. Being aware and thinking about creating a positive sleep environment from the beginning will help your little one to build a positive association with sleep. We all want our little ones to have a calm bedtime which becomes a lovely end to the day, so we very much hope these tips help!

So how do you create a positive sleep environment for your little one?

Some of these tips are also useful for adults too..its worth looking at your sleeping environment too! Are you sleeping well, perhaps there are changes you can make to help the quality of your sleep improve?

  • Have a consistent bedtime routine. Ensure this routine is kept as calm as possible and avoid a lot of stimulation. Try not to be tempted to read more than two bedtime stories- sometimes this can actually over stimulate a little one and then make it harder for them to fall asleep

  • Ensure the lighting is soft, especially when having those bedtime stores. Are you able to have a lamp on rather than an overhead light? Perhaps you could put up some ‘string lights’ to add some warmth in the room?

  • When choosing colours for your little ones room, perhaps look at soft colours so that they are not too bright and stimulating

  • Having a comfortable mattress is super important- no one wants to sleep on something that is super uncomfortable. It is worth seeking advice for this and getting some recommendations. A good quality mattress should last you some time!

  • Ensure your little ones bedroom feels a safe and cosy space- avoid hanging clothes on the outside of the wardrobe and be aware of things in their room which could cause strange shaped shadows- their imaginations can run wild when they are little! We don’t want them thinking there is a monster in their room!

  • We have a no screen rule in the bedroom at NEST HQ..especially for little ones! Any form of screen gives off a blue light which is stimulating and makes it harder for us to sleep. So no TV or screen time just before bed!

  • Keep the room dark during the night with the help of blackout blinds/curtains

Written for Naturalmat Baby

If you have further questions about your little ones sleep please don't hesitate to get in touch. We are passionate to ensure that you feel heard, supported and empowered.

We work together alongside you and offer advice and support which works for you and your little one.

1:1 consultations with one of our highly qualified team are available virtually or face-to-face

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