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NEST can provide support in any of the following areas:

(please note we are not a medical service, if you have any medical concerns about your child then please contact their GP or Health Visitor)

  • Transition from milk to solid food (Weaning)

  • Toilet Training

  • Behaviour 

  • Family Life Adjustments (new sibling/ moving house etc)

  • Infant Feeding (bottle-feeding and breastfeeding)

  • Sleep

  • Separation Anxiety

  • School Readiness

  • Preparing hospital bag

  • Setting up Nursery and equiptment



There are a number of ways in which you can receive support from NEST:

  • Video Call

  • Telephone Call

  • Email Support

  • Home Visits (dependant on client location)

When we make an appointment with you for your consultation, it is preferred that your child is not present (unless otherwise agreed). We feel that if you are seeking advice on something you are struggling with regarding your child, it is best for your little one not to hear this, as this can cause anxiety and have a negative impact on your situation. 

If you feel that our consultation would be more beneficial with grandparents or other carers involved, then please do mention this to us on enquiry. We feel strongly that it is important to do what works for you as a family. We are also able to liaise with Early Years Settings with your consent. 

Due to the nature of the bespoke service that NEST offers, please do get in contact with us to discuss the service most appropriate to your needs.

If you do have any further questions or want to get in touch, please complete the 'Contact Us' form or press our email address below to be directed to compose an email. 

Once you have got in contact, we can then work out together what the right support is for you and your family and what the cost will be for this. The cost for NEST's services will depend on the type of support you would like. Prices start from £65 for an hour's consultation with a detailed written summary sent across via email

Please do get in touch so that we can discuss this together. 

Contact Us

Thank you for your enquiry.

We endeavour to get in touch within 24-48 hours after receiving your enquiry.

Please note some of our emails end up in your junk folder, so please do keep checking there!

NEST Consultants

our Founder and Early Years Consultant
Lucy is a trained Norland Nanny and Maternity Practitioner with over 10 years of experience working with children and their families.
Lucy has worked with children ranging from 0-17 years both privately and also working in the community for the NHS delivering 1:1 support, developmental reviews, and also postnatal/ infant feeding groups.
Lucy nannied for many families, including some high profile clients and is excited to put the knowledge she has learnt over the last 10 years into NEST.
Lucy specialises in consultations about; weaning, sleep, toilet training, separation anxiety, school readiness, behaviour and Infant Feeding.
Lucy is available for 1:1 consultations, group workshops, and staff training.  









our specialist Play Therapist 

Claire is a highly skilled IAPT trained Parenting Practitioner, Play Therapist Health Visitor and Family Partnership Clinical Supervisor with over 35 years experience working in the NHS.

Claire believes passionately in improving mental health outcomes for children.

Claire works with children with a wide range of issues including anger, anxiety, attachment, bereavement, conduct issues, self-esteem and trauma.

She works therapeutically with children either individually or in groups, and is based in Dorset.







our behaviour consultant and IAPT Practitioner

More information coming soon!





our parenting consultant and trained Norland Nanny

Harriet also trained at the world famous Norland College in 2006, and has over 15 years of experience working with children (8 of those years nannying for the same family). She enjoys what the outside can offer for children, and feels passionate that children should learn through play. Harriet is keen to ensure parents feel supported and have the confidence to raise their own children and to believe in themselves.


Harriet lives in London with her husband and three young children. 


Lucy and Harriet together have a combined experience of over 25 years. Together they feel passionate about supporting families to gain the knowledge they need for those early moments of parenthood, and to give parents and caregivers the confidence they need to feel they can be the best parents they can be. 

Harriet specialises in 1:1 consultations on things such as; what to pack in your hospital bag, getting your home ready for the arrival of your little one, preparation of your little ones nursery (including products etc), and hints and tips to make the first few weeks as ‘stress free’ as possible.


















our Midwife and Holistic Therapist

Holly is an experienced senior midwife working in a large hospital in the South of England.

She has expert knowledge in breastfeeding and tongue ties as well as complementary therapies for pregnancy including moxibustion for breech babies.

Holly cares for all the pregnant women and people under her care in a compassionate and holistic way. 



Our Yoga and Holistic Birth Expert

More information coming soon!

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