Ten Moons Pregnancy Retreat

Our Ten Moon Retreats have been specially crafted to help you call upon your birth power, your wishes, desires, hope and dreams and with a focus on the seasonal elements we are able to thread in nature's offerings and connect to baby.
Pregnancy is such a sacred time and you deserve to be honoured. Tune into your ancient birthing wisdom and bring your attention to your dream birth.
During our calm and creative pregnancy retreats Aimee will guide you on a journey to the heart through magical yoga and breath-work whilst, weaving in antenatal education to prepare you positively for birth and whilst Lucy from NEST will ensure you feel confident in the first few weeks of parenthood sharing information through a variety of mediums so you know when and where to seek support in the early weeks.
Our day begins with an opening circle to meet one another, share your pregnancy experiences so far and welcome you to our Ten Moons Retreat day.
The day will run from around 10am- 4pm (timings will be confirmed on booking) at the very beautiful Launceston Farm, Blandford, Dorset. 
There will be yoga, breath-work, journaling, relaxation moments and a very special craft workshop using the treasures we find on our walks, not to mention a delicious lunch and insightful and informative discussion around birth and motherhood.
The day is centred around you and we want you to feel loved, nurtured, supported and held without judgement in a safe and sacred space.
We will close the retreat with a mother blessing and a gentle deep relaxation in preparation for baby's arrival.

We can not wait to welcome you!

For more information, please don't hesitate to get in contact